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Thread: Incorrect player position

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    Incorrect player position

    Im in the rookie draft in Bengals1 and noticed that Sam Ehlinger is labeled as a CB not a QB. Is it possible to change players positions to their actual positions or are we stuck with what they're labeled as.. Because I noticed some other players are also labeled incorrectly on my team and I'm wondering how I should be thinking about my lineups.

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    Yeah, we've got some corrections to make. These all come in via another source. Sometimes we'll have weirdities, and we have to fix those manually. If you see an obvious error, let us know and assume that they'll be corrected.

    There are some positions where we might not make changes, because in general (aside from errors), the position will be based on where the player played the most snaps. So if you have a cornerback who moved to safety last year due to injuries, for example, and he played a majority of his snaps there, he'll be a safety for that season.

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    Sam Ehlinger is fixed.
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