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Thread: Draft Timing Solutions

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    I find it amazing that people will abandon the team before they even start.......

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    Id be happy with a tag letting me know whos on auodraft and whos going to take the full hour. Then at least i got an idea of what time i need to check on it.

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    Just throwing this out there, but what if for every round a team went to auto-pick (abandoned teams, not folks who had pre-determined whom they're interested in), it'd knock 10 minutes off the team's allotted time. So, by round 6, all the "Ghost Teams" would just get immediately auto-picked, and folks who were actually engaged would still have the full 60 minutes.
    I have no idea how involved that would be in coding for the engine, could be very involved.

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    good idea Tannhauser

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    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. We're always open to improvements, so we'll talk about these things. (And I have no idea what the coding implications are either).

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    No hate to you guys for putting this all together, but the fact that my brand new league is still drafting a week later is nuts. it seems like there's like 4 active players including me. I'm really excited to get everything started but this aspect is super frustrating and could be a turn off to new people before they even get going.

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    almost there Kumkilla...almost there!

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    Haha just one more to go! Guess we’ll get it in the morning lol

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    one minute till done.....59....58....57

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    I actually really like the length of the draft. NFL teams take an entire year in the scouting process gathering information. Weíre trying to fit that into like 1 week. That gives me about 24 hours between picks to scout my next 24 players. Iím gathering as much information as I can. Iím looking at stats on PFF, looking for articles written about the player to see if thereís been any arrests or anything like that, plus I watch film. Your taking the same exact risk as the team who actually drafted him. I donít want to complete the draft in a day or 2. I want to take my time with it, evaluate my roster after every pick and make a decision with a ton of information gathered. Thereís absolutely no rush, especially when you realize that this season will end in about 1-2 months and it goes dead for another 6 months until the new season starts

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