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Thread: Free Agents & Statistics

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    Free Agents & Statistics

    If you are looking at stats from the previous season (I was not with the league then) and you see someone with statistics who is named "free agent" does that mean this player is going to be dropped into the free agent pool sometime during the season? Also, if that is correct, will the actual name reappear once the free agency period is concluded?

    Also, is there a plan to add career stats to the site? As in career stats from the simulation? I think its fun to see the dominant players over time. These stats could also be used to build a league Hall of Fame (same with seasonal stats for ProBowls). I know you all have plenty of work to do without me adding to your plates. I'm probably alone in the stats geek department.

    Thank you.

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    No, free agents listed in the stat tables are nameless street free agents who come into play when there is not a suitable player on the roster. They are a generic player with stats similar to a borderline NFL player.
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    So a borderline NFL player led the league in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last season?

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    I noticed that as well. 2 of the top 3 receivers were 'Free Agent's. For the specific one you're talking about, I looked at who else was on that team and it didn't have any other receivers basically. So Aaron Rodgers was only throwing to the 'Free Agent' and a TE most of the season. Thats the problem with people abandoning their teams and not managing I guess. I'm pretty sure that team has been filled with a new manager so hopefully something like that doesn't happen again.

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    oh you're the new manager Chilly, lol

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    We don't differentiate between different free agents. So sometimes you'll see a team that had three free agent cornerbacks due to inattention or injuries, and their stats are all combined.

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    haha...yes Kai. I was trying to figure out which of my WR's was decent since they all looked horrible in the NFL stats sheet. Saw the best WR in the league was a "Free Agent" and on my team. So, I thought that player might be available. Sounds like he is, but not like I hoped

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    Chilly, you know you are capped at 53 roster spots, right? Looking at your roster and the number of free agent bids you have entered, well its over 53.

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    If your league is still in the free agent bidding process, roster size is capped at 80. You have to cut down to 53 before the start of the season.

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    Fangowolf...I know the roster is a 53 cap. I gave a lot of my roster players "$0" contracts instead of outright dropping them. I have at least 10 current players I would have no problem replacing with a better player from free agency.

    CincyDan...we just completed the Initial Draft and are in the Free Agent auction. Our roster cap is 53, should it be 80?

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