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Thread: Possibility for a money league?

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    Possibility for a money league?

    Id love the idea of having a money league. Id like to see if we could skim through active teams in many other leagues and see if everyone would be interested is a $20 buy in for a single league. $480 pot and kick so back to Sandbox for being the facilitator. Just a thought, and dont know rules about gambling, but Id love to have a money league like this. 3 seasons in and I still think this is one of the coolest upcoming systems for fantasy

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    I'm new but managed a fantasy football league with a large $$$ buy in for over 20 years starting in the mid-90's back when fantasy was first beginning. I also ran a text/email based simulation league for about 10 years in the 90's using a program called Front Page Sports Football Pro (last edition was 98...great program...wish it would have survived). I agree with TMB that a $$$ league would be fun. My 2 cents. You have to believe in the integrity of the people running the league (which you guys running Sandbox have given me no reason to question...I see bugs in the website and some basic web design that might be improved as well as some other aspects that could be included when you have time as I understand this is essentially a start up...all in all from my initial view this is a terrific league that has a great foundation and could grow into something special). If people do not trust the program and the managers, the league will devolve into whining and crying over perceived slights which currently occur but will be exacerbated greatly once money gets involved. Keep the buy in low ($18-20 is a good price...same as the league maintenance...not so high that the arguments become even more heated, but enough there is a pride factor in winning). I haven't even played a single season but would still drop in $20 as that also tends to keep owners more active. I think if the Sandbox guys were willing to take on another headache (money), they would be able to run it effectively based on my views of how they interact with the leagues (you all have great customer service).

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    I feel like thats something I could get into. I would like to get through a full season to know for sure if I enjoy this since this is the first time I've played a game like this.

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    I’m in my 4th season I believe. I took a free team, brought over some guys from Chargers twitter and another league I bought into. There’s a lot of development to continue to do, but I swear this could be huge. I mean the main part of this is the algorithm that creates the simulation. It’s not perfect but algorithms rarely are. I have fun with it as a twist to fantasy. I wouldn’t do a big money league but $20 buy in and kick so profit back to Sandbox I feel like is totally doable. The inactives here is what annoys me and it gets you more participation.

    To me, this is just a fun hobby. I love the front office feel of contracts, draft, free agency etc… plus the game planning aspect. But it’s a startup and honestly nothing like it outside of Madden. It’s fun. Some of it is an eye so, but there’s so much room for growth. Visually, forums,end of year awards, defensive stats. There’s a lot to do, but so far I love the platform and what they created. I’ve been here a year now and I’m fully behind. Might even be willing to invest just cause I like the concept

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    Kevin and I have talked about payout leagues. We realize the attraction of a payout league for many people, but have elected not to make this a top priority for development because of the legal complexity and expenses.

    If a group here wants to organize a payout league, we could set up a special league for you (I say that without having a good idea how to implement it). But we would direct you to some kind of escrow service like to manage the monetary aspects. We have no connection whatsoever to League Safe.

    Finally a caveat: The game algorithm still has a few gremlins. I'm slowly working to eliminate as many as possible, but occasionally a game will swing on one of these gremlins. The simulations run and posted automatically and all results are final. We won't arbitrate any game outcomes affected by bugs in the software.
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    I am down with a pay league...Let me know what the consensus is

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    I would want to join as well and I have a friend who would be interested too

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    I am interested in exploring a pay league as long as it is not exorbitant.

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    Sounds like an interesting proposition...

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