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    Pages Won't Load

    I've been having this problem fairly consistently. I click on "Initial Draft" and the page cycles through loading but I get a blank screen with the Sandbox banner. Usually when I click it again, I get the page to come up. This happens about half the time I try to navigate through the site. But I was trying to respond to a trade request by looking at another roster and I cannot get the page to load. I open up "Standings" and go to the team I want to check out and click on it...blank screen...repeat x20...blank screen. I switch leagues and go to my other team and try issue, opponent's roster opens right up.

    This is with my OKC team. My CDA team looks like it works fine (or at least works eventually).


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    I think there's a little gremlin in the system because I occasionally but regularly have this problem. The tech team has it on the their to-do list, but in the meantime a workaround that usually is fine is to just go to "League Roster" and sort by team. I actually find this faster anyway.

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    Kevin's answer is correct. The sure fire way to see opposing team rosters is to use League Roster and sort by team.

    The reason it works in one league and not the other is that the leagues are in different phases. In most phases you can see the "player availablity" by clicking on the team's name in the standings. But in some phases of the game, namely any time after the end of one Sandbox season and the end of the following NFL season, the "player availability" data (which players are available during which games) is not available, so I don't allow those pages to be pulled up during times when the data is obviously wrong. I should probably provide a different screen that shows the roster without the player availability data that would be displayed when the player availability data wasn't up-to-date.
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