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Thread: CDCOX.....I did not get an opportunity to better FA bid

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    CDCOX.....I did not get an opportunity to better FA bid

    I lost Tavai to another team when I did not receive an email nor a notification he was about to leave my team (Grand Rapids Snowbirds...Bills-1). The timing was up at midnight. I intended to extend bid this morning, but by 7AM he showed on the other's roster. How can we fix this?

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    My bad......the screen popped up the second time I went to it. I have retained I can get my coffee and see what other trouble I can get into today.

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    I figured out what happened.....I looked at the site about 6:30 and saw that Tavai had been awarded to another team. I started this thread. A little later than 7AM I was checking email and saw that an email from sandbox about the pending transfer was sent at 6:58 I did finally receive a notification and I was able to retain Tavai.

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    I only open bids to my current players that I want to resign.
    If no one else is interested, I'll bump a bid on my own players for better contracts. Other than that I never touch a "free agent" bidding war on my JAGs.

    I rely on emails to play this SIM anymore but its my excuse, lol.

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