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Thread: The Active League is now open for signups.

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    The Active League is now open for signups.

    he active league will be called Cardinals1 and is now open. To claim your team in the active league, click on Account Management -> My Teams. Now, click on the link at the bottom titled Create a New Team and choose your city and team mascot. Please complete this action within the next 3 days.

    Only the users below will be able to sign into the new league.

    1. Kingswood
    2. Cmcm2297
    3. tobhardtjr
    4. pit1232
    5. eaglesphan79
    6. JackCarsten
    7. Samdarnoldsucks21
    8. Rampage965
    9. PaperLions
    10. Dbillblood
    11. Reggy
    12. tcavity4566
    13. JohnMeynardie
    14. DJs left nut
    15. smackawits
    16. Chilly
    17. TambaBerry
    18. Phog
    19. mdboucher
    20. College Football Commitee
    21. UmmBerrto
    22. ddeyarman
    23. Kevin
    24. Mpawlows

    After 3 days, I will send a follow up reminder. We will then open the league up to people on standby. Post in this thread if you are no longer interested and I will make the team available to someone else.
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    Awesome! Can't wait for this league! Thank you for setting this up for us!

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    Thanks Cdcox
    Please put Longhorns#1 as the first alternate.

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    Can we please draft ALL players instead of receiving the crap veterans like we did in the other leagues?

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    I second this

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    As for my vote

    I am really NOT looking forward to a 52-round draft.

    I feel like that is a bit too much.

    However, I understand why others may want to do a 52-round draft.

    The current system works fine for me, we are all in the same boat and we can all make adjustments to the team before the season begins.

    On another note, are we playing this league off of 2022 or 2023?

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    Season starts 2022 then draft/free agency then 2023

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    I’m just worried about getting the league filled. Concerning we had the signups but only 13 have registered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackCarsten View Post
    Season starts 2022 then draft/free agency then 2023

    Your response is a bit confusing.

    When our teams take the field for the first season to play each other, what NFL performance stats will be used, 2022 or 2023?

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    2022 Will be used.

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