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Thread: 2022 Annual Review Thread - Tell us about your team's season.

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    2022 Annual Review Thread - Tell us about your team's season.

    I'll start with the Newport Beach Neptunes, who had a rough season.

    Team Summaries: Newport Beach Neptunes (League: Raiders1) – Record 7-9

    It was a disappointing year for the Neptunes as they missed the playoffs for the first time in their history. In fact, their 7-9 record landed them in last place in the competitive Solar West Division. Their usually strong running game, led by Nick Chubb produced only 3.9 yards per carry behind an underachieving offensive line. Jimmy Garroppolo played well, leading a 4th-ranked passing attack, but his Week 12 injury ended his season early. The offense sputtered all season.
    The perennially strong defense may have been a bigger disappointment, despite ranking 9th overall. They destroyed opposing running games, ranking 4th in the league and a league-best YPC, but yielded major yardage in the passing game and were unable to generate strong pressure after Aaron Donald was lost to injury early. Kenny Moore and Trey Hendrickson led the defensive effort with 6 interceptions and 8 sacks, respectively.

    Primary lineup:
    QB - Jimmy Garroppolo (3,272 yards, 31 touchdowns, 6 Int)
    HB – Nick Chubb (1,257 yards rushing, 3.9 ypc, 5 TDs + 45 receptions, 614 receiving yards, 5 TDs)
    WR – Tee Higgins (74 rec, 939 yds, 9 TDs)
    WR – Gabriel Davis (49 rec, 452 yds, 3 TDs)
    WR – Mecole Hardman (40 rec, 575 yds, 8 TDs)
    TE – Trey McBride (63 rec, 693 yds, 5 TDs)
    LT – Charles Leno
    LG – Elgton Jenkins
    C – Luke Fortner
    RG – Brandon Scherff
    RT – Jordan Mailata
    K – (Street free agen)
    P – Jamie Gillan
    S – Adrian Amos (1 int)
    S – John Johnson
    CB – L’Jarius Sneed (1 int)
    CB – Tariq Woolen (3 int)
    NCB – Kenny Moore (6 int, 1 sack)
    OLB – Khalil Mack (7 sacks, 2 int)
    OLB – Matt Judon (5 sacks, 1 int)
    ILB – Roquan Smith
    DE – Trey Hendrickson (8 sacks)
    DE – Sam Hubbard (5 sacks)
    DT – Grover Stewart (2 sacks)
    DT – Greg Gaines (1 sack)

    So who's my team MVP? Chubb produced a lot, but a 3.9 ypc isn't impressive. Kenny Moore's six interceptions are very impressive, but he also missed several games with an injury. Maybe Khalil Mack with 7 sacks and 2 interceptions?
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    Avalanche went 11-5 in Dolphins1
    We ran into lot of injuries. Javonte Williams, Ojulari, Ojabo, Trey Lance. I traded for Melvin Gordon only for him to get released 2 weeks later.
    So I'm pleased I was able to go 11-5 with the issues I had. I was tempted to tank little bit but wanted to keep integrity and be competitive.

    Austin Invaders went 11-4-1 lost in wild card in Raiders1
    I've been rebuilding that team since free agency last year so year 1 was a success. Nick Bosa had 22 sacks, was suprised only managed 9 INT with a corners Bradberry, Asaunte Samuel Jr, Jaycee Horn, and Stephon Gilmore, with Eric Rowe and Justin Reid at safety.
    Kenneth Walker had 1064 yards 2 TD 3.6 yards per carry
    Cordarrelle Patterson had 704 yards 7 TD 5.58 yards per carry
    The Huntsville Convicts team I gave up because there were only 5 or 6 active teams in the league went 15-1/14-2 and loss in the conference finals in OT
    Judon ended up with 25+ sacks it amazed me how many players had 15+ sacks
    Pierce and Foreman both had 1000 yards rushing
    Okonko had big year (Tennesse TE)

    I learned how big the dline is in this game and having a decent offensive line.

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    I am Sooo excited about this new team I am taking over for the upcoming 2023 SandBox season.

    The Clash were division winners in 2022 as an abandoned team that finished with a 10-6 record

    and a nice bankroll of available cap space,

    (though also saddled with a bunch of unsigned free agents).

    Taking over ownership of the Clash prior to the 2023 Rookie Draft gave me an excellent opportunity to examine

    the needs of the future and prepare changes.

    I was able to identify several key players available in the later rounds of the rookie pool who have already made key impacts in the

    short lived 2023 football season within their respective professional teams, lifting their value above their real-world draft positions.

    Because the Clash happened to be in a league, that at the time of this draft, had been abandoned by many other owners,

    this left these late round standouts up for grabs to the few team owners who were actually paying attention.

    One of the few Owners who was paying attention to the draft turned out to be the kind of owner who clearly put more stock in the

    first few rounds of the draft then he does the final few rounds, and in a regular league full of active owners,

    I would tend to agree with him. However, He and I had a moment here where our two agendas aligned and his desire, seemed

    to be, to escape the mundane final four rounds of this year's rookie draft and avoid the same rounds in next years,

    which then coincided with my need to lock in several individuals that though drafted in later rounds professionally were

    gaining attention much earlier in the other more occupied and active leagues.

    What laid on the table before me was the kind of Hershel Walker/Ricky Williams type of trade that had the potential to turn an

    abandoned team into a perennial powerhouse or result in getting a GM/Head Coach fired, (as it did Coach Ditka).

    Should I, (knowing the kind of young talent slated to be available in 2024), trade the Cheyenne Clash's 2024 First Round Pick for

    2023 4th-7th round picks plus their 2024 4th-7th round picks and the free agent rights to a relatively productive young back up?

    It took me nearly two days of agonizing debate within my own mind as I weighed both the wisdom and foolishness

    of the potential outcomes of this drastic exchange.

    A future First round pick for two handfuls of magic beans and an unproven guy who I have to pay a franchise contract too or

    potentially overpay for in the free agent market, or potentially lose to another team,

    (which basically means he amounts to some dirt to go with the beans).

    There is another owner, in another league, he and I had exchanged phone numbers during this year's drafts for trade talks.

    I texted him the situation, just to gather a different opinion from someone who knows what this game is like.

    He didn't think it was a trade he would make; I agreed with him in direct principle, but there were some specific

    guys on the table that it appeared were definitely going to fall into my lap, if I had the late round picks available.

    The kind of guys that if this rookie draft had been pushed back to mid-season

    they could have been drafted as high as the first two rounds, at least it looked that way at the moment, from my perspective.

    Neither of these other two owners were able to see the beauty of what was opening up in the window of my mind.

    Well, the clock struck, time was up, and a choice had to be made, I looked at what I saw with faith and hope and struck the deal.

    The Cheyenne Clash's future #1 pick for rounds 4-7 now, future rounds 4-7 and a 0yr contract roll player.

    I can already imagine what many other owners are thinking; sounds like the kind of deal some cheater would pull off to steal a #1.

    Rounds 4-7 are full of guys who get cut from rosters within their first few years. In exchange for a #1? No way this is legit.

    I know I look like an idiot to many; however, I believe in what I think I saw, and I believe in those guys,

    I believe there is something special at hand.

    Did I get the guys I wanted to get with this trade? You bet I did. Will I sign that 0yr guy? probably not to a franchise tag,

    and I hope I don't regret letting him test the market, I hope to retain his services at a reasonable price.

    What about the 2024 draft? What will my counterpart get with my #1? What will I get with his 4-7's?

    Well, we will just have to see, won't we.

    Ither way, it added some fun and drama to my week,

    in a way that inspired me to carry that same energy into my personal/professional life,

    to get out and take some chances for what I believe in, what I believe I see,

    even if there aren't many others that can see the same things just yet.

    I believe we both got what we wanted, what we both felt was in our best interest.

    Yet, I believe it feels more like a win for me, because in some small way, I needed to see myself believe in myself.

    To see me choose faith and hope again, even if it is just while playing an exaggeratedly cerebral game of coded fiction.

    My thanks go out to the Designers, Maintainers and Participants of this Alternate Reality Football Game,

    From me to you all, for what you have committed yourselves to being a part of.

    You are appreciated,


    The New GM of the Cheyenne Clash
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    It is hard to figure out what to tell you, who have yet to step inside this alternate reality, about what you should expect in here. is one of those games, that as is, is spectacularly different in a multitude of ways then contemporary FF. is not like any other Fantasy Football game you have ever played,

    and yet, it may very well be the game you have been looking for.

    This SandBox Simulation is not some reheated in the microwave version of football on the three or four letter network's App.

    It's not some slow roasted over the fire, over cooked, football "video game" either.

    SandBox Simulations Alternate Reality Football is an Alaskan Smoke House of 365/24/7 Cold Smoked flavor that I will never fully tell you about.

    You want to feel like a real professional football General Manager? You want to know what it's like to research a colligate draft for weeks

    and still not know if the guys you want are actually worth the blood, they sign their contracts with?

    You want to know what it is like to go into a season thinking SandBox Bowl Championship only to find yourself three months later,

    not sure if the guys you put together should spend the last few weeks of the season fighting for a playoff spot or for better draft position?

    It's all here, The Draft, Free Agency, Trades, Bad Calls and Coaches that don't listen; an Any Thing Can Happen on Any Given Sunday Reality,

    that can have your All-Pro Left Tackle, that never makes a mistake, pick up his hand before the snap in the biggest moment of the biggest game of the season.

    As well as introduce the world to a guy who was bagging groceries last week, to come out of nowhere and save your game, nay save your season.

    What do I say about SandBox Simulations Alternate Reality Football?

    This ain't your Father's Fantasy Football, nor is it like any online version currently in existence.

    You might love it, and you might hate it at the same time, but one thing is for sure.

    Those hundreds of thousands of would-be GM's, who trust the process, are rewarded with an experience that is not offered within the common market games.

    My Houston WarDogs made their second trip to the SandBox Bowl in the last three years, finally coming away with the championship trophy

    and tickertape parade. Lead by the leagues #1 Defense and Co-Defensive Players of the Year Micah Parsons and Josh Sweat who combined for 45 sacks

    on the same Defense that simultaneously yielded the least Rushing yards in the conference.

    An absolutely amazing accomplishment and accolades should be dispersed all around.

    However, just like in real life, the celebration is short lived, as the GM of the SandBox Bowl winning WarDogs, there is no time for me to sleep.

    Just as soon as the trophy has been lifted over head, the week long Rookie draft hits like a freight train of early mornings and late nights,

    as I try to figure out how to prioritize this teams next ten years one draft slot at a time.

    All anyone can think for a solid week is Do I trade up? Down? Sell or Buy? What about a tag and trade? Am I going to lose him anyway?

    I may want and deserve a beer once the draft is put to bed, and the trophy is in the case, yet one can't get distracted once the doors of

    free agency have burst open, with two dozen other GM's ripping and clawing dollar by dollar to shred, in weeks, the defense that took me years to build

    and poke holes in an offensive line that can keep out blitzers like the Hoover Damn can keep out water.

    All the while looking to poach the best players I can from a pool of my own enemies; two dozen other men or women, from around the world, cerebral enough to

    handle the most realistic 365/24/7 GM focused football game simulation ever endeavored to be brought to the .01%, who, by the stroke of fate,

    missed the on ramp that would have directed us all to our own General Managers offices in the professional arena.

    Though we cannot pull out our very own flux capacitor from a fever dream, we can, all step into the multiverse that is this;

    "The SANDBOXSIMULATIONS.COM ALTERNATE REALITY FOOTBALL SIMULATION", which is truly and completely in everyway,

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    Imo, you folks that spend all your time playing a game online is a cause for concern with their personalities. I'm learning that. I did it with this Sim in beta a decade ago.

    I don't need the gratification of winning and seeing my name at the top of CP, like some of you. Its just a game, toy for us old fs. Also an excuse for sucking.

    But dominating dot leagues isn't impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind From West View Post
    Imo, you folks that spend all your time playing a game online is a cause for concern with their personalities. I'm learning that. I did it with this Sim in beta a decade ago.

    I don't need the gratification of winning and seeing my name at the top of CP, like some of you. Its just a game, toy for us old fs. Also an excuse for sucking.

    But dominating dot leagues isn't impressive.
    That sounds like something a loser would say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewdog View Post
    That sounds like something a loser would say.
    OK, bumterd, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewdog View Post
    That sounds like something a loser would say.
    O, youre from CP. One good season and you think you're DJ's nuts, lol.

    F U. Your team still sucks bitch! Be consistent, otherwise you're no better than titty meat.

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    As I close out the Rookie and Franchise Tag deals for the various different teams that I manage in separate leagues,

    I find that most of my teams are left with somewhere around $150 to $220 million dollars in available cap space.

    That leaves me really excited going forward into the pending free agency period of the game.

    Even more so, because, with one of the abandoned teams I picked up before the draft, after all the rookie signings,

    it still has over $350 million to work with. I cannot wait until free agency starts;

    I hope to build some teams that can make a dent in the Challange Play arena's top 10 next year,

    as well as win me some SandBox Simulations championships.

    I'm coming for ya KW, DJ and the host of others.

    Come on with the 2023 Free Agency sessions.

    Let the Good Times Roll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lewdog View Post
    That sounds like something a loser would say.

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