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Thread: Sign-up for new "Active" league here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longhorns#1 View Post
    im in if you need someone
    great to hear from you and Hookem horns. I’m sure there’ll be a spot open for you.
    Cdcox will you see if Kevin is interested in active league still if not
    JohnMeynardie Are you a no for league if it’s 2022 season then 2023 as you said previously.

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    Still in on this

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    Sign up, dummies

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    Im in fo the league
    Mr. Timothy Connolly

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    How do you sign up?
    Mr. Timothy Connolly

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    Dec 2021
    It explains it in the other thread you just have to go to create new team

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    Longhorns#1 hasn’t responded anybody else interested?

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    I'm signed up
    Mr. Timothy Connolly

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    I'm signed up and ready to go!

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    I got my passel of **** ass players...15/28 not on a roster in 2023........2/28 players did not play in 61% of my players are dead already. Only 14/28 played any significant time in 2022. This is exactly why I wanted to draft ALL players instead of hustling for 51 players (yes, I might be able to keep 2 for 2023) in free agency. I am 90% sure I will not go thru this again. Gaylord Snowbirds might be up for new ownership tomorrow. This was even worse than the first time I went thru this....I only had to hustle for 48 free agents with that team.

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