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Thread: Suggestion: More Feedback Needed on Game Performance

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    Suggestion: More Feedback Needed on Game Performance

    After doing some challenge play, for the first time in a while over the past couple of days, I have a few suggestions to improve the product. I feel like the results of games (mostly the play-by-play), doesn't give enough information to allow owners to make adjustments to their game plan.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Include the starting lineups at the beginning of the play-by-play transcript, just like the starting offenses and defenses would be introduced at the beginning of a game. At the very least, now if I see the other teams RDE get a couple of sacks, I have a good idea that the left side of my OL is struggling.

    2. This is a little more invasive, but there should be an indication on each play what the offensive and defensive formations were. So like, 1st & 10 (O: 3WR, D: Nickel) or something like that. Like, would be good to see that my team is running the ball well out of 2TE single back, but maybe not well out of 3WR, and then I can make adjustments. Or might be helpful to see that my defense really struggles in nickel or dime.

    My guess is that those two adjustments could be made pretty easy, as they're just adding extra data (that should already exist) to the play-by-play.

    The following suggestions might be harder to implement, because I don't know how the sim exactly works.

    3. When a QB is sacked, can there be an indication on who (like which OL) gave up the sack? Again, this might be hard, because i don't know if the sim actually assigns the "blame" to someone on any given play.

    4. Same as #3, but for receptions. Can there be an indication of who was in coverage? (Again, the sim might not work that way).

    5. Same at #3 & 4 but for tackles. Would be useful to which players are making stops, and who is not. (Same caveat about the sim might not handle this).

    6. Is it possible to indicate on a given play, if a blitz occurred (and if so, from where)?

    I'm sure I have some more suggestions, but can't remember them at the moment...
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    I agree with everything you mention. As far as 1 and 2, you are correct that they are not too hard to do. We currently don't record the formation, but that may not be too difficult to implement. I might be able to do that before the official season starts, depending on if people are willing to wait.

    Many of the others might require a re-write of the simulator. That is something I want to do. Can't promise a time line.
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    I’m willing to wait for as long as you need to make the game more enjoyable for us, and easier for you in any future updates or new additions/features in game coding.

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    I agree with that do what you need to do to add 1 and 2 to the formation so we can see that play are run and what defensive are doing so we can plan for that in the up coming games. One other thing i would like to see is there any way we can have a line up in the 2 or 3 TE formation line up for just a run play and a line up for a pass play. So in the run line up we can use offensive line man for the TE so we could have a better run play, that would only be run when we run a run play. So if I wanted to use them in a pass play I would use the line up with my TE in that play and that would only be a pass play formation. That would make it like the NFL when they bring in the offensive line man just for a run play. So it there any way you can do that.

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    Ive just been keeping my sub up while waiting for you to flesh out the game. Someday the little details will come and it will be worth the wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dbillblood View Post
    Ive just been keeping my sub up while waiting for you to flesh out the game. Someday the little details will come and it will be worth the wait
    Thats been my hopes for almost a decade. But hey I am and was a Chef fan. Gotta wait for dynasties.

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