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Thread: Question Regarding Abandoned Teams

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    Question Regarding Abandoned Teams

    I recently joined a newly created league. When it came time for the initial draft, we had several teams which did not draft for themselves and apparently the computer drafted for them as each time it was their pick they took the full hour. Also, we're several days into our free agency period and they haven't used any of their budget to sign the players they've drafted and haven't bid on any players in free agency.

    My question: what happens to the players drafted by these abandoned teams and the players preassigned to them before our initial draft? Are they automatically signed by the computer to one year deals, are they dropped and replaced by street free agents, or something else?

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    The team will be managed by a rudimentary AI until the current owner engages or a new human owner takes over. The AI will sign the players to a multi-year contract according to an algorithm. Obviously we want as many teams as possible to be actively managed by humans, and will be making some changes over the next several weeks to see if we can improve that aspect of the game.
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