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Thread: Just a thought...

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    Just a thought...

    It would be cool if someone could create a Slack or Discord home for this thing, with rooms for each league where we could get together and talk smack and such in more of a real-time atmosphere than the message board. Right now I don't feel like I have any connection with my fellow owners- don't really even know how many of them are still active.

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    Yeah, we wish people would talk more smack. We've got the forums set up for that, but people tend to be pretty quiet. What do you think would be the advantage of discord or slack?

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    Oh, I don't know... I play a lot of the Out Of The Park baseball sim, and it always seems that the leagues that have a separate Slack or Discord channel are more active, with more communication between owners and also from you guys to us. It's a chicken/egg thing, I suppose... Are they active because they have a Discord channel, or do they have a Discord channel to accommodate all the active GMs they already have...

    At any rate, I wish I felt less on an island here; I have no idea how many of the 24 guys in the Browns1 league are even paying attention.

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    Hi Frank, interesting to hear about your OOTP baseball experience. I see that OOP runs a vBulletin forum, but there don't seem to be any league discussions on the forum. So they use Discord or Slack instead. Do you see advantaged to that compared to a forum? We are trying to figure out how to generate a stronger sense of community within a league, which we always viewed as an important part of the game.

    To answer your question, about 15 owners in Browns1 are checking their team regularly. Picks are take on average 31 minutes, which tells me about half the owners are using their draft board. We are working on a plan to replace inactive owners with active ones.
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    I honestly like the idea of using discord as it gives you an idea of who is online, and it would allow the owners to have a private chat so they could discuss possible trades or tactics to make their teams better. I also believe that discord would also provide a chance for owners to discuss other topics and create their own community. I like the idea of having a forum on this website; however, I think that using discord or slack could provide a better experience for some of the owners.

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