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Thread: Accessing the game from mobile

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    Accessing the game from mobile

    If you are using mobile, there is one additional step you need to take to access the game. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Full Site". That will give you access to the configuration of the message board that is identical to the desktop version and which includes the all-important "Play" tab.
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    Just as an aside from a UI perspective, it's a real pain in the ass that the logout button is in the same drop down menu as the switch teams button. I run about a 50/50 success rate on switching teams vs logging out of the game.

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    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Draft page? It was working for me about an hour ago, but now it's only trying to load and never popping up.

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    Site froze

    Same here, itís the end of our initial draft
    And itís froze up

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    Is everyone frozen on 96th pick for the past day?

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