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Thread: Report bugs here

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    Report bugs here

    Please share bugs that you discover in this thread. It is greatly appreciated.
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    Clicking the 'draft' then 'initial draft' tags are causing everything to crash for me.

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    I have a 2-3 year old iPad and I can't get the draft page to load on it. I've tried Safari and Chrome, neither will load. I can move around the page, but when I try to open the draft page it dies on me.

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    Hmm, thanks for the information. How did you solve the problem? Or did cdcox figure out how to fix it?

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    Just to add it here instead of just on CP:

    When I click on the Team link at the top of the page it goes to a screen with nothing but "kaw". I have paid my money and obviously have completed the registration process.


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    so when we are drafting when i search big name players it won’t show me then

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    set up 40 players in intial draft...saved...clicked auto box...left for lunch....came back and only 18 players were showing.

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