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Thread: If I might be so bold as to make another suggestion?

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    Ummberto, we would be glad to refund your money and let you move on to other activities if you wish. No one has lied to you and everyone here has been treating you respectfully. If you're not enjoying the game, let me know and we'll refund your subscription.

    I am enjoying the game, and you are manipulating the game, for a number of reasons, reasonable reasons I am sure.

    I don't care about the money, I care about the game, If you are going to continue to manipulate things, just be upfront about it.

    When you do things this way, you are calling your clients idiots.

    Your calling me an idiot, we see what you are doing.

    From jump street I have attempted to help you better your product and your appearance of integrity.

    The game lacks integrity when you are not upfront and honest, when you dismiss people who point out the obvious.

    You lack integrity when you threaten to take the game away from people who ask questions you don't want asked.

    Check all my correspondence, then realize that many people have walked away from your game feeling and thinking in some fashion similarly to what I have tried to convey to you.

    They may have asked a question themselves and not appreciated the dismissive response, or they may have just not felt it worth the trouble.

    I understand that you probably put those walk aways as people who just aren't in your demographic, let me say this, ANYONE who lays out $18 for an unrecognizable computer game is in your Demographic and your game should keep them interested for years, however something left them walking away.

    I suggest that you are not listening to the objections in a way that conveys respect to the clients intelligence and desires.

    After all, are we not here at this stage of the conversation, because You think controlling the initial draft via ghost teams that are never skipped over is a way that brings "Intrigue" into the draft?

    Believe me when I say this one more time, Nobody, after waiting weeks to find out that they were not ripped off, wants to sit through a five week draft because you won't just set a draft schedule in the absence of "Intrigue".

    Also, if there was anyone who actually paid and did not show up to the Draft because of whatever reason, you did rip them off and you should return their money no matter how long ago it was.

    You can keep my money, I would prefer to prove I am a Better GM then any of you.
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