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Thread: Irvine vs Venice stats discrepancies

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    Irvine vs Venice stats discrepancies

    Just wanted to point out discrepancies. Nyheim Hines had two receiving TDs, but the box score recorded differently. Also, Iíve noticed a handful of stats discrepancies from the play-by-play to the box score over the last few seasons. Just wanted to point it out

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    Also, there’s 17 regular season games but our season is 16

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    I noticed similar discrepancies in my box score (Maulers vs Archers in Dolphins 1)

    Mahomes individual stat line lists him as 25 of 36 for 263 yards. However the team stats show my team as 25 of 33 for 256 yards.

    Interestingly, if I add all the yardage from my receivers stats, I get 262 yards.

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    1. I will check out the TD issue on Hines. That seems like an error.
    2. The scheduling template for Sandbox is set for 16 games. It would seriously be around a couple days of brain busting work to change it to 17 games. Sandbox is sticking to 16 game regular season.
    3. Individual stat lines do no subtract out yardage lost to sacks, but team passing lines do. You an see this in NFL box scores as well.
    4. When you read an NFL play-by-play, they have rounded everything to the greatest whole yard. But in reality, for down and distance 3rd and 7 might actually be 3rd and 6.64 yards measured to the nearest 0.01 yard. So the game keeps track of cumulative yardage gained to the nearest 0.01 yard and then rounds it at the end to get the total yards gained. I think the NFL rounds at the end of every play. So there could be minor discrepancies. I could fix this relatively easily, but it is really a minor thing (the difference between 262 and 263 yards.)
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    3. Thanks for the explanation! That makes sense on the yards, but how about the team attempts being lower than Mahomes individual attempts?

    Fwiw, I went through the box score and Mahomes had 26 regular attempts, 9 pressured attempts, and was sacked once. Which adds up to his correct 36 attempts. He also had 2 attempts that Don’t count in the individual stats, sincere they resulted in penalties on the defense.

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