Unlimited Free Agency is about to close in the Chiefs1 and Raiders1 leagues.

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It looks like the free agency signings are dying down in those leagues. We'll give it a little more time for last-minute signings. Theen as next steps, you'll

1. Cut your roster to 53 players.
2. We'll then have a short limited free agency period where you can bid on players who were cut from other rosters.
3. When that ends, we'll turn on the depth charts and game planning modules and get ready to start the season.
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  1. brando581's Avatar
    How long is the usually wait time for a a league to be filled so the game can be played?
  2. Kevin's Avatar
    Hi! Well, the short answer is that it depends on how well the latest advertising is working. How many owners do we need to fill your league right now?

    I'm hoping to add one a day but I'm not reaching that yet. Oh, and did you check your email about the invitation I made?