1. A little injury tracking tip.

    Some of you may have figured this out, but an easy way to figure out who's moving in and out of the lineup each week is to do this:

    1. After your game is played for the week (Let's call it Week 7 as an example), go to "Player Availability" and sort it on Week 7.
    2. Now sort Player Availability on the upcoming week, so Week 8.

    What you'll see now is that roster first presents those who are out on both Week 7 and Week 8 (0's in both columns). You can ...
  2. Down for a moment. Back up soon.

    (Looks out at audience, then at the teleprompter.)

    Something broke. We'll be back up soon.

    It was a short press release. The bottom line is that we're working on it. A change to some code caused a minor explosion and fire in Sector 3G and we're getting it under control.