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  1. cdcox's Avatar
    It is all fixed now. We are back up. Sorry to all for the inconvenience.
  2. Kevin's Avatar
    Hi! Well, the short answer is that it depends on how well the latest advertising is working. How many owners do we need to fill your league right now?

    I'm hoping to add one a day but I'm not reaching that yet. Oh, and did you check your email about the invitation I made?
  3. brando581's Avatar
    How long is the usually wait time for a a league to be filled so the game can be played?
  4. Kevin's Avatar
    Yeah, no other positions have that built in.
  5. Bears8989's Avatar
    is it just these two positions mainly affected by fatigue?
  6. cdcox's Avatar
    Wow, sorry about that. We are back up. Very subtle bug.
  7. FFSCOOP's Avatar
    No problem! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one and not miss my pick!
  8. Kevin's Avatar
    Yeah, something happened when the second pick went up. We're on it; sorry for the delay.
  9. FFSCOOP's Avatar
    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Draft page? Every other tab works for me except the Draft one. Was working about an hour ago, but not anymore.
  10. cdcox's Avatar
    Sunday afternoon is my best estimate.
  11. Kevin's Avatar
    I'll leave it to cdcox for the exact answer about starting, but as a means of reducing your fright I'll note that the first contracts won't be signed until at least three days after free agency starts. If one person makes an offer and no one matches, the player still waits for three days before signing it while his agent works the phones. So as long as you show up in the first three days, you won't lose any prospects.
  12. Juggernaut's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cdcox
    I will likely leave the contract signing phase open until just before free agency starts. The approximately one week time frame is correct.
    Mr. Cox, do you have an exact date and time for the beginning of free agency? I'm scared to death of not getting some key positions filled for this season.
  13. cdcox's Avatar
    I will likely leave the contract signing phase open until just before free agency starts. The approximately one week time frame is correct.
  14. Kevin's Avatar
    In your leagues, I think we have a lot of new owners in the "Chiefs" league and it's mostly the same in the "Raiders" league.

    But yeah, no one ever locks their draft board, so it makes the draft fun go on for a long time.
  15. HighChiefKC's Avatar
    It’s actually working out great for me. Since we are going back in time to 2019, I get Luke Kueckly one more year! And Earl Thomas for a bit before he goes off the rails!

    Do we know how many people are still involved with their old teams? I’m going to guess if they haven’t been involved last few days that when their picks come up, its going to take the whole hour for their pick?
  16. Kevin's Avatar
    Yeah, if you draft manually they have to be in the pool and not your draft board.

    We've got some intermittent problem on the draft board, I think. For my own teams, my first board disappeared (which was only a few names), but when I rebuilt it, it was fine. We're looking into it, and management apologizes for any inconvenience.

    As a tip, I'll note too that there's not a lot of need to build a big draft board if you're engaged and active. I'll generally have no more than 24 so I can make sure that my next pick is covered, but then I'm constantly tweaking it as others draft.
  17. HighChiefKC's Avatar
    Well I had my board ready, then it all disappeared. I got tired of messing with it and gave up. I'm going to assume that we still have to remove a player from our draft board back to the pool to draft them?
  18. HighChiefKC's Avatar
    got my board ready!
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