View Full Version : AFC Franchise Receivers Poll - Results.

02-20-2021, 02:27 AM
Below are the results of our AFC Franchise WR poll. Recall that this poll asked who you'd want to start a franchise with at their current age and ability.

Any surprises?

Personally, my biggest surprise is Mike Williams. I'd put him in my top 5 and he came in 12th.

Rank Name
1 Tyreek Hill (26):
2 Stefon Diggs (27):
3 DeAndre Hopkins (28):
4 A.J. Brown (23):
5 JuJu Smith-Schuster (24):
6 DJ Chark (24):
7 Keenan Allen (28):
8 Courtland Sutton (25):
9 Jerry Jeudy (21):
10 Jarvis Landry (28):
11 DeVante Parker (27):
12 Mike Williams (26):
13 Tyler Boyd (26):
14 Marquise Brown (23):
15 Corey Davis (25):
16 Henry Ruggs III (21):
17 John Ross (25):
18 John Brown (30):
19 Antonio Brown (32):
20 N'Keal Harry (22):
21 Julian Edelman (34):
22 T.Y. Hilton (31):
23 A.J. Green (32):

02-20-2021, 04:57 PM
Mike Williams is low because he’s a 1-trick pony. He’s a terrible route runner, can’t create separation and every catch is contested. Don’t get me wrong, he has tremendous size and lays out for tough grabs. He’s definitely a threat with the long ball, but that’s all he’s good for. He’s not even a real red zone threat. He can’t get the 50-50 fade in the corner of the end zone and that’s supposed to be his specialty. It’s too easy for CBs to stay sticky or bait QBs to throw deep outs and undercut it. I’m a chargers fan. He has a role, but he’ll never be the focal point in an offense.

02-20-2021, 10:03 PM
Interesting observation, TheeMasterBolt. I don't see a lot of Chargers games, but I usually watch two or three a year and I've been impressed. I'd prefer him over Keenan Allen, but maybe that's in part because I don't like Allen's personality.

Henry Ruggs sure ranked low as well. I guess he's not proven, but in the few Raiders games I saw this year I thought he looked promising (which is sad, because I dislike the Raiders).